Divi - Battle the Ancient Gods! A free-to-play cardgame. Play on your mobile phone, tablet and pc. No download is required to play. Easy to learn, hard to master, fun to play.


Divi is on hold!

Divi was always a hobbyproject, and I simply do not have the time anymore to invest the required amount of time needed

I have learned a lot from this project and am glad we made an awesome game.

There might come a phase 2, but it won't be soon.


Thank you!

My deepest thanks to the people below:

  • Project LeadJaap
  • Game rules & designJaap, Hilko, JeffreyM
  • Card designJaap, Marckosaurus, Hygaradon, Peer, Artho
  • WriterMarckosaurus
  • Programming/engineeringJaap
  • H4ckersPeer, Artho
  • User interfacingHilko, Jaap
  • Graphical designJaap
  • Data visualizationPeer
  • PhotographyJaap
  • VideoJaap
  • PlaytestingMarckosaurus, Hygaradon, Peer, Artho, Bram, Hilko, Jaap
  • Production babiesAdam, Fynn, Sven, Liandra, Tijn
  • Special Thanks All alpha and beta-testers. All facebook-groups that helped me with hard choices. And all spouses.